Electronic Conveyancing.

As of the 1 December 2018 Electronic Lodgement was Mandated in Perth and the. Electronic Conveyancing in Australia was the biggest industry reform for the property Sector. Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) is the platform that enables electronic lodgements and financial settlement of a property transaction

Not all transactions meet the Criteria to enable you to settle on the Electronic Platform. Star settlements will be able to determine this for you and will advise you accordingly.

The PEXA platform is a fast, efficient, and flexible conveyancing service that allows transactions to be completed online in a safe and secure environment. It assists in reducing costly errors and funds are checked before being transferred to ensure all funds are clear. Funds deposited into your account via PEXA are accessible as soon as they reach your account and are treated as a cash deposit, so can be drawn on immediately. Certificates of title are available to the new owner immediately all documents are lodged.

Pexa Key

When there is an electronic settlement, Star settlements make use of this functionality. This is merely an option that our office can give you; it is not required.

A free APP called Pexa Key aids buyers and sellers in completing their real estate transaction. The programme guards both buyers and sellers from fraud and phishing. The APP was made by PEXA.

The PEXA exchange platform, which is secured by secure digital encryption, receives and transmits bank information instead of using phone, text, or email, which are prone to mistakes and hacking attempts.

Buyers and sellers are protected by a Secure Exchange Guarantee that supports PEXA Key, ensuring secure communication of bank information between Buyer, Seller, and Star Settlements.

Settlements Hub

Our Management system for Settlements Plus provides the Settlements Hub.

The Hubb is a quick, secure, and convenient means for Star Settlements to provide settlement documents to customers. The Hub also enables clients to safely return completed settlement paperwork.

The Hub is a secure solution to keep confidential information hidden because emails might be subject to hacking and phishing.


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